As we have been doing since 2010, Maximum Freedom, Inc. (MFI) offers programs for middle school and high school students in a variety of settings including public schools, private schools, small groups and any youth-serving organizations.  Our primary health prevention presentations fit well into health, science, biology, psychology, sociology, or work/family studies.  We are an asset to any curriculum or organization. We hope to have the opportunity to be a resource for you this year.

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Research shows that teens are more likely to choose sexual risk avoidance the more the message is reinforced, especially by parents.   Using a sexual risk avoidance curriculum and adding a parent component for your school's parents strengthens the message.  MFI offers a powerful Parent Workshop that educates, empowers, and equips parents to take advantage of their ability to influence their teens and help them reach their  full potential.

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What are teachers saying about mfi..

"MFI is an excellent program that I can count on to provide evidence-based facts and exciting activities for my students!  This should be a cornerstone to all health courses in any area high school!”

"This program continues to be an integral portion of our sexual health component of health ed.  It reiterates and illustrates reasons for kids to critically think about abstinence.  The program addresses not only my SLOs, but also the National Health Standards---SLOs need to reflect adherence to those standards.  The students love the interactive role plays.  The MFI educator is not only knowledgeable of content, but is passionate and clearly conveys statistically/medically accurate /current info for students to help them make the best informed personal decisions."

"The MFI Program is very current and relative and does a great job connecting real life scenarios to educate and impact the students.  It has the potential to literally save their lives.  Many students talk about it long after it is over.  Our school has a generally high risk population and still their reactions to the program are very positive and some even said they would be changing their behaviors! "