When it comes to decisions about sex … not everyone is choosing to do it!

That’s right: 60% of teens have not had sex! [i]

We at Maximum Freedom, Inc. believe that every teen deserves freedom in their life! Freedom to:

  • Reach your goals and dreams and not have any unnecessary barriers from a sexually active lifestyle
  • Not have to worry about a sexually transmitted disease, an unplanned pregnancy or emotional entanglements
  • Not feel pressured to have sex in an attempt to keep a relationship……..
  • Be loved for who you are, not what you’re giving physically
  • Not worry about being “used”
  • Not worry about being judged on your “performance”
  • Eventually form a strong marriage without excess “baggage” from past relationships
  • Have a total bond of trust with your spouse
  • Not be compared to other partners sexually

If you believe you deserve this kind of maximum freedom in your life---freedom to have the life you really dream of,  click here to take a closer look at who you are.

Maximum Freedom, Inc. offers fun, interactive school programs that will provide you with solid facts, figures, and suggestions to help you think through some of the most important decisions in your life.   We hope to see you at your school.



Have you ever had thoughts like these??

“Every day I wish I could go back and change my behavior. “   

“I should try harder to put my life back on track and think more about my future. “

“We should have talked first before we crossed the line.”

“I could be one of many……or the only one.”

Greater Cincinnati teens have shared these thoughts with us.  Maybe you have heard yourself say similar things when you take time to think about your life.  The teen years are filled with challenges, conflicting emotions, mixed messages and big decisions – big decisions about things like alcohol, drugs, sex – big decisions that will affect your future.    Choices you make can come with a price.  Some decisions come with a price you could pay the rest of your life!  Your decisions determine your destiny, your intentions don't.  You can have a future of maximum freedom when you make wise decisions - decisions that will keep as many doors open wide to the future you intend for yourself.

[i] Centers for Disease Control. YRBS 2017. Available at