A Closer Look at Myself.....

  Try to honestly answer the following questions about your health, your life and your future 

  1. What are my goals for the next 2 years?
  2. Where do I see myself 10 years from now?
  3. How can avoiding sexual activity until marriage help me reach my goals?
  4. What do I believe about the concept of “safe sex”?  Will using a condom or other forms of birth control really keep me from getting an STD, getting pregnant or suffering emotional stress?
  5. What does my family believe about teen sex?

Some young people believe they are mature enough and responsible enough to become sexually active.  They may be in a serious relationship and think they will marry in the future.  If this describes you, please consider the following:

  • Am I well informed about the risks of becoming sexually active?
  • Do I know the facts and long-term effects of STDs?
  • What are my chances of becoming infected with an STD?
  • Do I know the success vs. failure rates of the different forms of birth control?
  • If I get pregnant, or get a girl pregnant, how will this affect my parents or other members of my family?
  • What are the risks my baby will face being born to a teen mother or father?
  • Do I know the financial expenses involved in raising a child?
  • Am I able to financially support my child?
  • Do I want to be forever connected to the guy or girl I’m with now?  What if I have a child with this person but marry someone else?
  • Is having sex with someone I’m not married to really showing how much I love him or her?
  • Why do I feel the need to have sex with my partner?
  • If I become infected with an STD or become a teen parent, will I be able to reach the goals that I have for my life?  Could that affect my decision about going to colleg


Have these questions made you think?  

If so, good for you!  You’re on your way to connecting the dots  and understanding that the  

                       amount of FREEDOM you have in your life is determined by the choices you make!I                                              If you haven’t had sex, hang in there—you won’t regret it!  

Did you say earlier that you deserved Maximum Freedom in your life?     

 Waiting for sex could bring you FREEDOM to:

  • Reach your goals and dreams and not have any unnecessary barriers from a sexually active lifestyle
  • Eventually form a strong marriage without excess “baggage” from past relationships
  • Have a total bond of trust with your spouse
  • Be loved for who you are, not what you’re giving physically
  • Not have to worry about a sexually transmitted disease, an unplanned pregnancy or emotional entanglements
  • Not worry about being “used”
  • Not be compared to other partners sexually
  • Not worry about being judged on your “performance”
  • Not feel pressured to have sex in an attempt to keep a relationship……..

If you’ve already had sex, you have the FREEDOM to choose to stop ....and start making different choices.  Choosing to wait can....

  • Increase your sense of self-worth and self-respect
  • Improve the bonding ability you will have with your future spouse
  • Protect you from STDs and unplanned pregnancies
  • Provide a new pathway to a bright and healthy future

Listed below are some websites that can provide helpful information for you as a student.

  Centers for Disease Control  

Fight the New Drug

Medical Institute For Sexual Health

STD Wizard

 National Library of Medicine:  


Kids Health